DOTV8 / 2013

The Cure Tribute


Why Can’t I Be You? from yelahneb on Vimeo (password = elegant)


Design by My Young

Bands & Music

  • Adra Boo
  • Daniel G. Harmann & The Trouble Starts
  • Erik Blood
  • Fox and the Law
  • Gibraltar
  • Head Like a Kite
  • Hotels
  • Lesli Wood of The Redwood Plan with Jupe Jupe
  • NighTraiN
  • Panama Gold
  • The Grizzled Mighty
  • Vox Mod
  • MC Dana of Three Imaginary Girls
  • DJ Mike Steve
  • Special Guest Atticus George-Andrijeski


Ben Haley and Merilee Jones took hundreds of pictures, and you can see them on Flickr and Facebook.

You can also treat yourself to the awesome photo-essay over at Three Imaginary Girls!

If you took pictures, please submit them to our Flickr pool!